About Us

Our story

CimCure is a new generation company founded by its CSO in 2015, as a spin-off of the VU University Medical Center. CimCure focuses on design and development of a novel class of active cancer vaccines.


Diederik Engbersen, MSc

Diederik holds a MSc degree in medicine from Leyden University, Netherlands, and has more than 25 years of experience in the life science industry holding various international and executive positions in strategic marketing, R&D, business development en general management in both established as well as early stage and start up companies.

Prof. Arjan Griffioen, PhD

Arjan holds a PhD in medicine from Utrecht University, Netherlands. He is a key opinion leader in the field of angiogenesis. He was trained as an immunologist and published >250 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is heading the Angiogenesis Laboratory, is director of the Graduate School of Oncology (OOA) and is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Angiogenesis that he founded.

Else Huijbers, PhD
Senior Scientist

Else holds a PhD in medicine from the Uppsala University, Sweden. She was trained as a phamacist and has received several major grants from National and European sources. She presented the first proof-of-concept for using conjugate vaccines against the tumor vasculature.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Ada Kruisbeek

Ada was a long-standing researcher at the NIH before becoming Head of the Department of Immunology of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Professor of Immunology at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Later, she joined Crucell as Sr VP Research, founded DC-Prime and served as their CEO for many years. Currently, Ada is an advisor to DC-Prime and various other companies and foundations.

Prof. Roberto Pili

Roberto is a long-time physician-scientist with a large experience in the field of drug development in genitourinary malignancies.

Currently, Roberto is the Associate Dean for Cancer Research and Integrative Oncology, the Chief of Hematology and Oncology and Inaugural Director of the Center for Nutritional Sciences and Cancer Therapeutics at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo, NY, USA.

Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska

Patrycja is an expert in vascular biology and cancer and co-inventor of CimCure’s Technology. Her current expertise is in the design of combination therapies for the treatment of cancer.

Currently, she is Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.