CimCure develops cancer vaccines through its proprietary technology of targeted conjugate vaccines. Vaccination against cancer is a challenge.

CimCure has identified specific targets in the tumor vasculature. By direct targeting and destruction of endothelial cells in the tumor blood vessels efficient prevention of tumor growth can be achieved.

Angiogenesis inhibition​​

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. Prevention of blood vessel growth will lead to inhibition of cancer growth. This is an attractive approach for treatment of cancer.

 However, past and current angiostatic drugs have been aimed at intervention of tumor produced growth factors or their receptors. This results in rapid induction of drug resistance.

CimCure’s approach is direct targeting of the vessels, independent of growth factor pathways.

Vascular targeting by iBoost​

Targeting tumor blood vessels with the aim of killing them will result in eradication of tumors.

CimCure approaches this with its proprietary immune-Boost (iBoost) technology against a series of newly identified targets.

iBoost has shown proof-of-concept in preclinical studies, is efficient and safe, widely applicable, fast and cost-effective.