CimCure’s iBoost technology patent granted

Amsterdam – November, 2023

Cimcure’s patent application on the iBoost technology has now been granted in both the US and in Europe.

CimCure secures € 3.9 million Innovation Credit Amsterdam, October 2023

Amsterdam – October, 2023

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has awarded CimCure with an Innovation Credit for the development of its lead compound, CVx1. The loan will be used for the GMP production and the execution of animal safety studies and a phase I/II clinical study patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Publication of safety and efficacy study in dogs with bladder cancer

Amsterdam – August, 2023

It was recently shown that targeting extracellular vimentin (eVim) is safe and effective in preclinical models. Here, we report the safety and efficacy in client-owned dogs with spontaneous bladder cancer of CVx1, an iBoost technology-based vaccine targeting eVim in combination with COX-2 inhibition. Read more

Interview with Arjan Griffioen in the Dutch financial newspaper ‘Het Financieel Dagblad’

Amsterdam – June, 2023

Professor of oncology at Amsterdam UMC Arjan Griffioen has already started a company four times before, trying to market a drug. Now he takes a different approach. Read more

CimCure presents its research at the Europe’s Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting (CIMT) in Mainz, Germany

Amsterdam – May 2023

Several CimCure team members presented their work at the CIMT conference in Mainz. Dr. Van Beijnum presented the discovery and characterization of CimCure’s lead target extracellular vimentin (eVim) as being an attractive target for cancer therapy. Dr. Huijbers presented the safety and efficacy study of the eVim vaccine in client-owned dogs. Prof. Griffioen presented the concept of endothelial cell anergy and overcoming it to improve cancer immunotherapy.

CimCure signs service contract with Intravacc BV for GMP production of its lead compound CVx1

Amsterdam – March 2023

A contract was signed for the collaboration of CimCure with Intravacc. This contract oversees the manufacturing development of GMP-grade material of CimCure’s lead compound CVx1. This is planned to be used for the animal safety studies and the subsequent execution of the phase I/II clinical study in patients.

CimCure raises seed investment of 5 million euro

Amsterdam – June, 2022

This seed round was led by Positron Ventures and joined by several other health investors. Together with the Dutch vaccine company Intravacc, CimCure will further advance its lead cancer vaccine into the clinical phase.

Publication on CimCure’s lead product efficiently adjuvanted with Montanide ISA 720/CpG

Amsterdam – May, 2022

Extracellular vimentin is a specific marker of the tumor vasculature, where it is secreted by tumor endothelial cells. Vaccination with a conjugate vaccine targeting extracellular vimentin was previously shown to induce a potent humoral immune response and tumor growth inhibition in mice. Read more

Identification of extracellular vimentin as a potent target for vaccination against cancer

Amsterdam – May, 2022

The technology of CimCure’s lead vaccine is published in Nature Communications  (Van Beijnum et al). Read more

The Dutch government funds the Oncode-PACT consortium

Amsterdam – April, 2022

The Dutch government decided to fund the Oncode-PACT consortium with 325 million euro. Oncode-PACT supports the development of cancer vaccines. Together with other partners of the consortium, CimCure will accellerate its iBoost vaccination program.